Today, Ukrainian people need to think about the next generation of Ukrainians who deserve to live in peace. That is why Ukrainian society developed the Sustainable Peace Manifesto “The World After Our Victory.”

It was informed by Olha Aivazovska, Chair of the Board at the Civil Network OPORA, during an international conference “Crimea Global. Understanding Ukraine Through the South.”

According to her, the President of Ukraine is not the only person with the plan about ending the war, but also civil society has initiatives. They do not differ or go astray from the President’s aspirations. However, they have a longer-term perspective on the prevention of the next stage of russia’s war against Ukraine.

“My son represents the fourth generation in my family affected by the war. My grandparents spent 20 years in forced deportation during the Soviet times. If the full-scale war continues more than 4 years, my husband and my brother will be joined in the army also by my son. It is not OK for any of us. That is why we must think not only about the next year but also about the next generation of Ukrainians who deserve to live in peace. Therefore, Ukrainian society drafted this paper. We call it the Sustainable Peace Manifesto “World After Our Victory. Never Again 2.0.”

After the Second World War, many global actors said “Never Again.” “We shall never again have any such big war anywhere in Europe.” But this is happening again. It means that many of us live in extremely dangerous times. If we fail to protect those rules we regained after the WW2, the next war is certainly coming, and not only in Europe,” said Aivazovska.

That is why the Sustainable Peace Manifesto looks like a long-term prospect.

“Today, we are losing our skills and human resources. Over 20% of Ukrainian people currently live out of country. Our lives are not endless. That is why we must defend sustainable peace today. If there is no justice achieved, the war in Ukraine will extend to the next generations,” highlighted OPORA’s Chair of the Board.