Who we are

More than 10 years have passed since Civil Network OPORA became an intersection point and a meeting place for people from across the country who decided to get personally involved in the process of change of socio-political system. Our history began in 2005. At that time, when we were still students, we gained first-hand experience of enthusiasm and disenchantment with the revolution, formed our own principles and core values, and made decisions about what to do next. Our strivings resulted in the establishment of Civil Network OPORA - an organization where we could materialize our ideas of ​​fair and successful country in which we all want to live.

During the period of existence of our organization we managed to do and learn a lot of things. What used to be, in fact, a student organization turned into a credible and authoritative community with competence in matters of governmental and parliamentary activities, control over local self-governing authorities, election observation, external independent testing, advocacy for reforms, energy conservation and open data policy, which operates throughout Ukraine. We grew up - and so did Civil Network OPORA.

Our dream

Citizens are involved in political life, while state and local policies reflect people’s will. In our dreams, government institutions perform service functions and adhere to the principles of openness, transparency and accountability. Competition between policies is based on common sense, rather than just personal interest. The policy-making process involves intelligence, professionalism, forward-thinking approach and responsibility. We are convinced that if we work hard, our every action will be a step toward fulfilling our dream. So let’s dream actively ;).

Our values

We all work together as a team, because we share common values. Each member of Civil Network OPORA team attaches great importance to human rights, democracy, freedom, common good and the rule of law, which can’t exist without social, organizational and personal responsibility.


  1. We strive for activation of citizens, so that they would have the desire and ability to influence the improvement of their environment as well as be capable of informed participation in public life.
  2. We want to establish an open, transparent public governance and change its quality in the context of decision-making and policy-making process implemented by state authorities as well as ensuring publicity and openness of data.


  • monitor compliance with the law;
  • catalyze citizens into activity and participation in democratic processes;
  • promote sustainable democratic culture;
  • share our knowledge about best and successful practices;
  • generate public demand for anti-populism in public policy and administration;
  • participate in policy-making process.

Branches of activity


Since 2007, we have been monitoring and analyzing all stages of electoral process, and we’ve also been working on improvement of electoral legislation in order to bring it in line with international standards.


Since 2013, we have been monitoring the activities of Parliament and political parties on a systematic basis, as well as elaborating recommendations on improving the quality of work of MPs and parliamentary committees, creating instruments of public control over activities of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and conducting outreach campaigns aimed at raising political culture of voters and civic activists.

Local self-government

Since 2009, we have been setting standards of transparency, openness and accountability of local authorities, monitoring the activities of public authorities and the quality of municipal services, promoting mechanisms for public participation and application of good governance principles in the work of local government bodies and officials.

Housing, public utilities and energy sector

Since 2006, we have been catalyzing citizens into activity and participation in socio-political processes related to energy efficiency, overcoming the negative developments in housing, public utilities and energy sector, ownership relations in condominiums, advocating for reforms aimed at ensuring sustainable energy development in Ukraine, shaping of energy-saving behavior among citizens.


Since 2008, we have been monitoring the compliance with the procedure for preparation and conduct of external independent testing, helping undergraduate applicants adapt to constant changes in Terms of admission to higher education institutions, monitoring the progress of the university admissions process, creating educational platforms aimed at informing citizens about educational services provided by educational institutions.

Open source data

Since 2016, we have been promoting publicity and openness of data and registers kept by government entities and their publication in Open Data formats supported by different services and applications according to the needs of the population.

Products created by Civil Network OPORA

Civil Network OPORA’s website oporaua.org
Map of violations map.oporaua.org
Mobile app “Local elections” oporaua.org/app
Website dedicated to parliament rada.oporaua.org
They vote for you rada4you.org
The Rada speaks st.oporaua.org
Visualizer vis.rada4you.org
Publicity Index of local self-government publicityindex.org
“About condominiums” proosbb.info
web portal “ZHYTLO”zhytlo.in.ua
Education newsoporaua.org/osvita
Apps4cities web portaldanimist.org.ua
Online book store oporaua.org/bookstore






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