259 of 382 heads of raion state administrations are unaffiliated. 123 heads are members of political parties. These are the results of a research made by Civil Network OPORA concerning party affiliation of heads at raion state administrations. However, we have managed to get official information about 382 persons, and the information about 62 heads is still unavailable.


The Central Election Commission is ready to realize draft law #6240 on Amendment of Some Laws of Ukraine (concerning the voting rights of internally displaced persons and other internal mobile groups of citizens) if the Verkhovna Rada adopts it. Such statement was made by Deputy Head of the CEC Yevhen Radchenko on 13 November press-conference.


Representatives of non-governmental organizations have discussed on 13 November meeting with Central Election Commission members the possibility of creating an expert council with involvement of NGOs, cyber security, publication of election data in machine readable format, trainings for commission members, organization of a hot line, and live broadcasts of commission meetings.


Ukraine has the needed conditions to erase indirect discrimination of internally displaced persons in an election process. We have conditions, inaccessible to other countries facing internal displacement, like well-managed State Voter Register, no wide-scale problems with documents of citizens, and densely populated isolated settlements. Civil Network OPORA's analyst Oleksandr Kliuzhev made this statement on a roundtable “Political participation of internally displaced persons”, held in Jordan on October 18.


Civil Network OPORA is not planning to conduct long-term and short-term observation of the first local elections, scheduled for 23 December, as well we of by-elections in united territorial communities, on sites. Nevertheless, local elections are important and will demonstrate the quality of election administration by the CEC.


On 6 November 2018, a decision of Kyiv District Administrative Court concerning an administrative claim from MP of Ukraine Artem Vitko against the Ministry of Regional Construction and 34 city councils was published on the Register of Court Decisions. Thus, the Court has decided on 2 November to satisfy the administrative claim from the MP, and terminated decisions of city councils concerning voluntary uniting until the end of controversy. This court measure directly concerns 34 UTCs, where the first local elections were appointed for 23 December and the election process has already started.


On November, 1, 2018, the Central Election Commission adopted a decision on excluding the two amalgamated hromadas from the Resolution No 156 “On the First Election of the Deputies of Village, Township, and City Councils of Amalgamated Hromadas and the Respective Village, Township, and City Heads on December, 23, 2018” and the two hromadas from the Resolution dated October, 12, 2018, No 157 “On Additional Election of the Deputies of Village and Township Councils on December, 23, 2018.”


Potential candidates choose to visit the following oblasts the most often: Cherkasy, Kirovohrad, Ivano-Frankivsk, and Odesa oblasts. At the same time, the least popular are Sumy, Mykolaiv, Luhansk, and Zakarpattia oblasts. Among over 70 VIP campaigners, we recorded 28 MPs, a writer, a singer, and an ex-President of Ukraine. This information was presented by the experts of Civil Network OPORA on 31 October conference.


From 6 to 9 October, the second stage of trainings for 35 candidates for electoral rights ombudsmen was held in Kyiv. It is conducted under the project “Electoral reform to strengthen the power of agents of change and support public dialog”, financed by European Union.


On 23 December 2018, the first local elections of village, settlement and city heads and councilors in 125 united territorial communities. Besides that, by-elections to village and settlement councils in 26 communities were also appointed for this date.

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