Following the atrocities carried out by Vladimir Putin’s regime against Ukrainian civilians, MEPs have recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism.

The resolution was adopted by 494 votes in favor, 58 against with 44 abstentions.

  • Russia is committing war crimes and uses “means of terrorism”

  • MEPs call for the further international isolation of Russia

  • Close and ban Russian state-affiliated institutions in the EU spreading propaganda

  • The ninth EU sanctions package against Moscow must be completed

On Wednesday, Parliament adopted a resolution on the latest developments in Russia’s brutal war of aggression against Ukraine. MEPs highlight that the deliberate attacks and atrocities committed by Russian forces and their proxies against civilians in Ukraine, the destruction of civilian infrastructure and other serious violations of international and humanitarian law amount to acts of terror and constitute war crimes. In light of this, they recognize Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism and as a state that “uses means of terrorism”.

EU legal framework needed

As the EU currently cannot officially designate states as sponsors of terrorism, Parliament calls on the EU and its member states to put in place the proper legal framework and consider adding Russia to such a list. This would trigger a number of significant restrictive measures against Moscow and have profound restrictive implications for EU relations with Russia.

In the meantime, MEPs call on the Council to include the Russian paramilitary organization ‘the Wagner Group’, the 141st Special Motorized Regiment, also known as the “Kadyrovites”, and other Russian-funded armed groups, militias and proxies, on the EU’s terrorist list.

Isolate Russia more, complete work on the ninth EU sanctions package

Parliament calls on the European Union to further isolate Russia internationally, including when it comes to Russia’s membership of international organizations and bodies such as the United Nations Security Council. MEPs also want diplomatic ties with Russia to be reduced, EU contacts with official Russian representatives to be kept to the absolute minimum and Russian state-affiliated institutions in the EU spreading propaganda around the world to be closed and banned.

Against the backdrop of the Kremlin’s escalating acts of terror against Ukrainian civilians, the resolution further calls on EU member states in the Council to swiftly complete its work on a ninth sanctions package against Moscow. MEPs also want EU countries to actively prevent, investigate and prosecute any circumvention of current sanctions and, together with the European Commission, consider possible measures against countries trying to help Russia circumvent restrictive measures already put in place.

Original text: European Parliament Press room 


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