In June, 60 MPs missed more than 30% of votes in the Parliament. These were 25 MPs from the Servant of the People faction, 9 non-faction MPs, 8 from the Batkivshchyna, 7 from the Opposition Platform for Life, 4 from the Holos, 4 from the European Solidarity, and 3 from the For the Future.

According to law amendments approved in October 2019, the attendance of MPs on plenary sessions will now be measured by their participation in voting. That is, if an MP does not vote, then he is not present at the session. The MPs who miss more than 30% of the votes shall not be reimbursed for the expenses related to the exercise of their parliamentary powers for the respective calendar month. Such a decision should be taken by the Committee on the Rules of Parliamentary Ethics and Organization of Work. This amount is equal to a monthly salary of an MP and is not subject to taxation.

According to the Resolution on Financial Support of Members of Parliament of Ukraine, the base salary of an MP fluctuates from 10 to 12 subsistence minimums (from UAH 20,270 to 24,324 in 2020). Besides the base salary, MPs also receive allowances and surcharges (for MPs who have a scientific degree or honorary title).

3 MPs missed 100% of the votes: Viktor Baloha (For the Future), Sviatoslav Vakarchuk (non-faction), and Yurii Mysiahin (Servant of the People).

The Parliament had 391 votings in June, and the "Rada"system button was pressed 164,683 times. MPs voted "for" the most often (45.1% of the total number of the button being pushed). MPs "abstained" in 29.2% of cases, and voted "against" in 2.6%. In 12.4% of cases MPs were absent and 10.7% did not vote.

MPs from the Dovira group voted "for" the most often (53.9%), followed by Servant of the People (50.4%) and Batkivshchyna (50.1%). The Opposition Platform - For Life voted "for" the least often (30.7%).

Parties the Opposition Platform - For Life (6.4%) and the Holos (4.9%) vote "against" the most often. The Batkivshchyna faction voted "for" the least often (0.8%).

Parties the European Solidarity (40%) and the Holos (37.4%) have the biggest percentage of "abstained" votes. The Dovira group of MPs has the least percentage of "abstained"votes (18.3%).