Yesterday, 23 February the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Volodymyr Lytvyn decided not to consider the bill No.8474 “On making amendments to some laws on Condominiums”, and passed it to the Committee on construction, city planning, housing service and regional politics for elaboration in order to consider it the next plenary week. A formal reason was negative decision of the Scientific Experts Office. However, the Civil Network OPORA is sure, that the postponement of consideration is connected to the aim of some lobbying groups to distort the bill and approve it in a wording, significantly limiting the rights of co-owners.

The leader of housing programs of the CN OPORA Tetiana Boiko also commented yesterday’s decision of the Chairman of VR of Ukraine: “The development of Condominiums is unprofitable for the government and people’s deputies, although they are afraid to admit it.

The development of Condominiums is unprofitable for many people’s deputies

That’s why they are constantly postponing the consideration, avoiding open voting "against". The united community in a building – is a huge force and we are completely aware that there will be constant attempts to take control over Condominiums. The developers understood, that after the adoption of the bill No.8474 it wouldn’t be so easy to create “tame” Condominiums and impose them a certain management company which would “extort” vast amounts of money from residents. Officials understood, that they will not be able to illegally rent basements and lofts, which belong to co-owners of a building. The main statement which deputies couldn’t approve – was giving land under apartment buildings to co-owners, making it common property. If the public and Condominiums won’t unite and express their positions, in few weeks we scarcely are going to have a law which would promote the development of Condominiums. The officials will again “tick off” the accomplishment of the National program on reforming and developing housing and communal services and continue telling about their sympathy to Condominiums.”

Detailed information:
Tetiana Boiko,
leader of housing programs of the CN OPORA