22 February 2012 in IA "Ukrainian National News" was held a press-conference on which a number of NGOs aired their common vision for salvation of existing problems of functioning Condominiums, and appealed to the people’s deputies to support tomorrow the bill No.8474 On making amendments to some laws on condominiums”. At the same time, civic activists noted, that all obstacles are not going to disappear with adoption of this law, because many housing problems require systematical decisions, moreover, everything is highly depend on the implementation of decisions.

In case the bill No.8474 “On making amendments to some laws on condominiums” will be adopted by the Verkhovna Rada on 23 February 2012, the issue of a land under the apartment building and the problem of self-maintenance will be solved, the term “balance keeping” will be changed into more appropriate term for Condominiums as “building management”.

The leader of housing programs of the CN OPORA Tetiana Boiko thinks the bill is not ideal. Therefore, it's necessary to start preparation of new amendments to the legislative acts that would solve problems, unconsidered by the bill No.8474.

The director of the program "Civil Society and Appropriate Administration" of the Renaissance international foundation Oleksii Orlovskyi noted during the conference that the civil society understands, that personal interests of certain officials, developers, private housing offices etc., which are actively lobbying the public authorities, often stand in the way of adoption new legislation which would fully correspond interests of Condominiums and initiative groups for their creation. “We understand that the adoption of the bill No.8474 will minimally solve urgent problems of Condominiums. From its side, the International Renaissance Foundation is ready for further securing expert, organizational and financial support of initiatives, aimed on the practical salvation of problems in housing and related areas, on which representatives of civil society institutes usually emphasize.” – stated Oleksii Orlovskyi.

Member of the Board of the Institute of Local Development Viktoriia Pohorielova also thinks that adoption of this law will not solve all problems of Condominiums. According to Viktoriia Pohorielova, the bill No.8474 is only a small step to the realization of positions demanded by the heads of associations on the First Condominium Forum in 2010. She is convinced, that it’s necessary to improve the legislation on Condominiums and not to stop on achieved.

The deputy head of Homeowners association of Ukraine Mykhailo Berezovchuk supported the positive estimation of the bill No.8474 by the members of press-conference and stressed, that the next positions should be included to the Law on Condominiums in the nearest future:

  • Provider of communal services, which are determined by Condominium as a performer of these services, can't refuse to act in this status and enter into direct contracts with co-owners;
  • To include a position, which provides that no legal actions with the surrounding area are allowed before the registration of ownership;
  • conclusion of the tripartite agreement between the building manager, homeowner and Condominium;
  • Prohibition on illegal refusal to Condominiums of managing (maintaining) its building;
  • The possibility to receive information on list of owners of house premises.

Detailed information:
Tetiana Boiko,
leader of housing programs of the CN OPORA