On 21 June, the candidate registration has finished for by-election of MPs. Thus, a record-breaking number of candidates have already registered for the upcoming 17 July 2016 by-election to the Parliament.

The biggest number of candidate was registered in SMD #114 (town of Stanytsia, Luhansk oblast) – 107; the smallest in SMD #23 (town of Manevychi, Volyn oblast) – 19).

75 candidates were registered in SMD #206 (Chernihiv), 61 in SMD #61 (Dnipro), 47 in SMD #151 (city of Lokhvytsia, Poltava oblast), 37 in SMD #85 (city of Kalush, Ivano-Frankivsk oblast), and 30 in SMD #183 (Kherson).

If we make a TOP-11 of districts with the highest number of candidates since 1998, 4 of them will concern these July 2016 by-election to the Parliament. SMD #114 (Luhansk oblast) – 107 candidates, SMD #206 (Chernihiv) – 75, SMD #27 (Dnipro) – 61, and SMD #151 (Poltava oblast) – 47.

District #205 (Chernihiv), where the current MP Serhii Berezenko won in 2015, is the leader by the number of candidates since 1998. This record was set in 2015, and wasn't beaten in this year by-election.

Such large number of candidates in single-member districts can be explained by the following factors:

  • Attempts to disperse the vote, especially when the turnout in by-election is low;
  • "Technical" candidates, used by influential election participants to get quota seats in PECs;
  • Increased attention of politically active citizens to the by-election, held only in the certain districts;
  • "Namesake" candidates, used to cut the votes for influential candidates;
  • Attempts to use "technical candidates" against competitors;

We may forecast that there will be less candidates in ballots, as long as many of them will withdraw themselves in time, usually after creation of precinct election commissions.