Representatives of Ukrainian Union of Patriots – UKROP have announced today that local party branches will be created in all Lviv oblast raions. According to Ihor Telishevskyi, the largest number of party representatives will be from middle business “who are tired of bringing money to ruling officials”. He said that representatives of other parties' local organizations like Front for Change, Batkivshchyna, UDAR and Svoboda will join the party.

Ex Svoboda member Andrii Khomytskyi, who has recently joined the newly-created group of councilors titled UKROP, said he is disappointed with the party we was in when elected to the Council. “The largest local faction (Svoboda - OPORA) often negotiates and solves personal issues”, - told the Member of Lviv City Council. That's why he decided to join another party in this election.

The charity that made party popular in Chernihiv was also discussed on the press-conference. UKROP members said that the UKROP Fund is not going to stop its charitable activities. “I visit every oblast to provide charitable assistance. We are planning to visit a military hospital today,” - explained representative of the party, MP Vitalii Kuprii.

Party members are not ready to discuss city and oblast development plans today. Detailed program of the party and local nomination lists will be announced in the end of September, as long as all-Ukrainian party congress is planned for 12 September.

Detailed information:
Iryna Shvets, Lviv office of the Civil Network OPORA; 063 628 68 40.
Civic monitoring conducted by OPORA - is a type of network activity, aimed at impartial assessment of the preparation and conduct of elections, as well as preventing electoral violations through comprehensive civic action.