Headquarters of the MP candidate Serhii Berezenko, nominated by the Solidarity Petro Poroshenko Block in district #205 has been actively concluding so-called social agreements with Chernihiv citizens for already few months. Opponents of Serhii Berezenko, particularly Hennadii Korban, have repeatedly affirmed that Chernihiv citizens receive 400 UAH after signing a social agreement.

Citizens of Chernihiv have also told about social agreements with candidate Berezenko in private conversations with OPORA's representatives. In particular, campaigners of Serhii Berezenko (PPB) were talking about these documents while being transported by buses to spots for dissemination of campaigning materials. Opponents claimed that people received 400 UAH each after concluding social agreements in these buses.

These very agreements could have been in the car blocked by a team of Hennadii Korban, which could belong to Berezenko's headquarters.

On Saturday 18 July, a number of scandals near the premises where Serhii Berezonko's (PPB) headquarters employees were staying were also related to these agreements. According to representatives of Kennadii Korban's headquarters and witnesses, if these signed agreements were found in offices and receptions of Serhii Berezenko, there would be grounds to think that voter bribery took place.

OPORA's representatives have managed to get one such social agreement from Chernihiv citizen. There is no statements concerning voter's obligation to vote for the certain candidate, and no financial obligations mentioned. Besides that, OPORA hasn't managed to detect that citizens received money after signing such social agreements (what could be interpreted as voter bribery).

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