Today, a group of young men started a fight right at Expert Opinion press-center during press-conference of Oleh Liashko. According to the witnesses, men attacked MP candidate in district #205 Oleksii Durniev, who had argued with MP Oleh Liashko.


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As we can see on a video taken by Andrii Kuzhel, MPs Andrii Lozovyi, Ihor Mosiichuk and a group of young men pushed out MP candidate in district #205 Oleksii Durniev, who is known by his eccentric election campaign.



(Video: Youtube, Andrii Kuzhel)

Besides that, 2 other candidates Vasyl Krutchak and Oleksandr Baraboshko and some journalists were injured and their was equipment damaged. Some time later, the conflict continued outside. Police is working at site. 


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We should mention that violence and the use of force are inadmissible during the election campaign. According to the Article 6(2) of the Law of Ukraine on Elections of People's Deputies, „application of force, threatening, fraud, bribery or any other activities that hinder free formation of voters' opinion and free vote are prohibited“.

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