As a candidate for People’s Deputy reports, the buses with the candidate Mykola Onul’s people travel around the city while the other candidate Stanislav Berezkin makes announcements on provocations with “titushki”.

The OPORA observer got to know that there are 15 buses with people at the territory of Kirovohrad Dendropark.  When asked who they were, some of them presented observer IDs for the ED #100, while others showed the IDs of journalists of the media-portal “Akula” (“The Shark”). Most of them hindered video-recording by the OPORA observer.

The candidate’s for People’s Deputy in the ED#100 representative H.Nikishov stated that these people are observers acting on behalf of Mykola Onul (self-nominated), who have already voted in the city of Kirovohrad and are on their way to the district raions.


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Later, the candidate in the same ED#100 Stanislav Berezkin (self-nominated) made an official statement on the possible provocations with participation of “titushki” and said he has reported about it to the law enforcement bodies.

Reminder: The ED #100 includes: The Center: the city of Bobrynets. The single-mandate district includes: the part of Kirovskyi and the part of Leninslkyi districts of the city of Kirovohrad, Bobrynets, Vilshana, Dobrovelychkiv, Kirovohrad, Kompaniiv, and Novoukrainskyi raions, and the town of Nove of Kirovohrad City Council.

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