Instead of the info-posters of Yaroslav Dubnevych, the DEC #120 has received from the printing-house the ones of Bohdan Dubnevych, his brother nominated in the ED#118.

As Vitaliy Andrushko, a long-term OPORA Network observer at the ED #120 (the town of Horodok) reports, the DEC has yesterday received information posters to be distributed at polling stations. However, instead of posters of Yaroslav Dubnevych, the printing-house sent the posters of his brother Bohdan, who is also nominated to Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (ED#118)

In fact, in accordance with the order from the CEC the printing-house produced two pressruns of info-posters for Bohdan Dubnevych. There were no orders for Yaroslav Dubnevych posters. During the night the necessary number of posters was printed out. Now they are being delivered to the polling stations by the candidate’s team.

For more details:
Iryna Shvets, press-secretary, OPORA monitoring campaign – 063 628 68 40.
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