In district election commission #100, the compilation of the final protocol on election results is delayed.

The final protocol is not compiled despite the last protocols of precinct election commissions were received by the district election commission yet few hours ago. Members of the DEC #100 Anna Horobtsova from O. Klymenko and Oksana Frosiniak from P. Poroshenko have told OPORA that the compilation of the protocol is artificially delayed by the Head of the DEC, Mykola Kovryzhkin. Mr. Kovryzhkin represents the candidate M. Dobkin. He refuses to compile the protocol because of some minor remarks. Besides that, the Head Kovryzhkin said the administrator of DEC, who was supposed to input the data in the information system of the CEC, to go home. Members of the DEC are staying for a day and a half in the commission.

On 5/26/2014 at 3:00 PM, all the documentation was prepared, including the final protocol. Now, the administrator is trying to flee from the commission, but commission members stop him. Administrator is on his workplace, but refuses to send the protocol to the CEC, explaining that the Head said him not to. Nobody else has the access to the information system of the CEC.

At 10:30 PM, the signing of protocol has started.

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