Before the preparatory meeting at the polling station #631331 came to an end the commission members were notified that the composition of the PEC was changed. 
To 11 members of PEC will be added one more member, who was substituted. But it was not the last change that happened at this station.

According to the observer of the Civil Network OPORA, at the beginning of the preparatory meeting the number of members of the PEC #631331 constituted 12 people.
And only 11 out of these twelve were present during the Election Day.

After the preparatory meeting ended and before the polling station was opened, the Head of PEC was informed by the DEC #175 that the 12th commission member was substituted at 11:00 PM and is now on his way to the station. Commission member Tamara Dvornikova (representative of Oleh Tiahnybok) appeared at 8:30 AM and after taking an oath at 8:45 AM started to perform her duties.

But when PEC received the resolution of DEC, concerning the substitution of the commission member, it turned out that PEC consists out of 14 people, not 12.
The reason why two other members where not present at the workplace is unknown both in DEc and PEC. However, DEC is asking not to stop the work of the precinct election commission.

Civil Network OPORA doubts upon the legitimacy of the oath taken by the commission member, because according to the Article 29, Part 2 the commission member should take an oath during the meeting.

Olena Ukrainets,
Press-secretary of the Civil Network OPORA
in Kharkiv oblast

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Viktoriia Shevchuk,
Electoral programs coordinator of the Civil Network OPORA
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Civic monitoring conducted by OPORA - is a type of network activity, aimed at impartial assessment of the preparation and conduct of elections, as well as preventing electoral violations through comprehensive civic action. Since March, OPORA conducts a wide observation campaign during snap Presidential election, interim Parliamentary elections (district #83), and special local elections. The organization cooperates with 175 long-term observers, who are watching the course of election campaign in all Ukrainian regions. On the Election Day on May 25, 3,000 activists will join them to conduct the parallel vote tabulation, based on statistical sample.