Today, Civil Network OPORA has reported on research of law-making activeness of MPs elected in Lviv oblast during the first half-year period of their activities in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. In general, OPORA's analysts have assessed activities of MPs, particularly: the correspondence between drafted bills and promises, declared in their election programs; the number of submitted parliamentary inquiries; and attendance on plenary sittings and meetings of committees.

According to Oleksandr Neberykut, MPs elected in single-member districts of Lviv oblast participated in preparation of 152 draft normative acts (including 89 draft laws and 63 draft resolutions). Therefore, they became co-authors of nearly 5% of all legislative initiatives, which were registered in the Parliament during this period.

However, only a little part of documents was included into the agenda, as well as considered and adopted during plenary sittings of the Parliament. Thus, only 6 legislative initiatives were adopted of those co-authored by Lviv majoritarian MPs. As a result, their formal law-making efficiency coefficient is only 4%.

It should be mentioned that law-making activities of Lviv majoritarian MPs are predominantly unsystematic, and demonstrate situational and narrow approach to regulation of raised social problems. Most elaborated normative acts are draft resolutions on introduction of holidays and memorable dates. It is also interesting that MPs elected in single-member districts of Lviv have independently drafted only 34 legislative initiatives, what is 25,5% of all their documents. Thus, three MPs (Stepan Kurpil, Andrii Tiahnybok i Mykhailo Khmil) didn't initiate any draft bill independently.

Jointly drafted legislative drafts prove that Members of Parliament which were elected in single-member districts of Lviv oblast are quite united. In general, 21 documents, jointly developed by two or more Lviv majoritarian MPs, were registered in the Verkhovna Rada this year. The Draft Resolution on Celebration of 95th Anniversary of the West-Ukrainian People's Republic Proclamation (#2884) especially united MPs elected in Lviv oblast. Seven Lviv majoritarian MPs participated in preparation of the document.

Vasyl Pazyniak and Mykhailo Khmil turned out to be the most conciliative. They have co-drafted 11 bills of 21 bills with Lviv MPs' co-authorship. Simultaneously, Iryna Sekh has co-authored only one bill with her colleague from Lviv oblast, Yurii Mykhalchyshyn.

According to analysts, all the MPs elected in single-member districts of Lviv didn't work on the fulfillment of their electoral promises during first half year of activities in the Parliament, although were quite active law-makers in general. It's easy to understand that most of promises which concern specific administrative, social, and infrastructural problems in the districts (like construction or repairs of local objects) cannot be fulfilled in such a short period. However, promises which concern law-making activities, - like elaboration of the certain laws, - could have been definitely fulfilled by MPs, which have drafted 152 initiatives during these six months. Thus, reparation and registration of bills that were promised to the electoral should have been the first step of every MP. However, majoritarian MPs in Lviv oblast didn't make this step.

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