The former self-nominated candidate in district #83 Volodymyr Tytov has sent to the CEC a complaint claiming that the results of voting in single-member district #83 should be considered as void.

Ex-candidate blames the All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda with lawlessness, self-will, graft, voter bribery and gerrymandering in order to "come to the power and constitute its nationalist dictatorship". Mr. Tytov emphasized in his complaint that playgrounds opened in Ivano-Frankivsk were voter bribery and leaflets of the Svoboda party saying "the hand won't tremble to change everything" were calling to overthrow of the constitutional regime. Besides that, ex-candidate blamed Oleh Tiahnybok with exasperation of animosity.

Volodymyr Tytov is also indignant about the fact that, in his opinion, the clone of the oblast branch of All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda Oleksandr Sych was created by the Svoboda party itself. Taking into consideration everything mentioned, ex-candidate demands to nullify the results of voting in district #83 and withdraw All-Ukrainian Union Svoboda from the registration.

Nataliia Holomidova
Press-secretary of observation campaign during 2012 Parliamentary elections
in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
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Ivan Maruniak
Observation campaign coordinator during 2012 Parliamentary elections
in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
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