Valentyna Urvantseva, the deputy Head of the DEC #83 informed OPORA that the CEC hasn't accepted a summarizing protocol from Ivano-Frankivsk oblast. The reason – 200 extra ballots

"At first we have sent to the CEC one protocol, and then – another, with 200 extra ballots. The CEC called and asked why we ordered empty ballots. On Saturday morning they forced me to sign empty protocols, but after I refused there were already 10 signatures of the commission members. The CEC refused to accept the protocol and have sent it for the clarification. They are being verified now", – informed the Deputy Head of the DEC #83.

The Head of the DEC #83 Mykola Kalaida confirmed that the protocol was returned, but because of 2 extra ballots, not 200. "The CEC didn't accept a protocol only in a single-mandate district. We have received from the CEC 170292 ballots, but the operator has included to the protocol 170294 ballots. It's merely a mathematical error. This clarification is only about the calculations made in the protocol, it has nothing to do with voting results. This error can't influence the election results", – stated Mr. Kalaida. He also informed that the CEC will have a new protocol already tomorrow.

"The information about 200 extra ballots is false. It can't be proved by the facts", – the Head of the DEC commented on the words of his deputy.

Nataliia Holomidova
Press-secretary of observation campaign during 2012 Parliamentary elections
in Ivano-Frankivsk oblast
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