DEC No.99 cannot draw up a protocol of voting results because not all judgements have been brought to notice to the DEC. 24 claims for recognition of the voting results at certain PECs invalid are being considered in Kirovskyi Court.

Most claims were filed by a candidate for People's Deputy Serhii Horovyi (from the list of the Party of Regions). The ground for claims was that the candidate wasn't allowed to the stations after their closure — he decided to observe the process of vote counting. It is interesting that, according to the protocol of one of the PECs, Serhii Horovoi was present at the vote recount at this station as evidenced by his signature in the protocol.

Representatives of the opposition are trying to find electronic recordings of CCTV from this PEC to prove his presence.

Nadiia Domash
Press Secretary of the Civil Network OPORA
in Kirovohrad Oblast
For comment, please contact:
Yevhenii Patrul
Election Programmes Coordinator of the Civil Network OPORA
in Kirovohrad Oblast
099 44 13 777


Civic monitoring conducted by OPORA - is a type of network activity, aimed at impartial assessment of the preparation and conduct of elections, as well as preventing violations through comprehensive civic action. Professional monitoring at all stages of the election process indirectly influences the quality of the campaign. The public opinion, both foreign and domestic is formed through gathering and spreading of information among the target audience.  
From a strategic perspective public monitoring of elections focuses upon improving the system and certain procedures.