80 000 UAH it is the starting amount of money which was spent by the telecommunication companies on renovations of the entrance halls in the dwelling houses in Kharkiv city. A representative of an internet service provider shared this information with OPORA activists. 

Since April Specialized public utilities enterprise “Engineer Networks” obliged all Kharkiv telecommunication companies to fix the cabling networks in all houses they service.Харків

“Surely such renovations have their advantages,” – comments the representative of the internet service provider. “First of all, the main advantage is that all communication lines will be hidden in the risers and finally, the unauthorized cables will disappear from the facades. However, on the other hand, in July the renovations of the entrance halls were complemented by the obligatory repairs of the entrance groups.”

Information found on the website of Kharkiv City Council proves all the above statements. As it was mentioned by the head of Specialized public utilities enterprise “Engineer Networks” Yuriy Kleyshmidt, the list of services jointly provided by the utilities enterprise and the internet service providers include façade renewals, painting of doors and banisters, reconstruction of stairs. During 2012 they plan to renovate 800 building entrances.

The representative of the internet service provider says that each company was given few houses, depending on the volume of their services in the market. Generally, all the works are connected to the renovations of the entrance group, which should be painted, spackled, whitewashed, and equipped with entrance canopies and stairs. All the repair expenses and hiring costs shall be borne by the internet service providers and make up 80 000 – 100 000 UAH.

The representative adds that the aim of this urgent beautification is to increase the level of trust in certain political players, who will run for the People’s Deputies position from majoritarian districts.

The activists of CN OPORA found out more detailed information about the politicians in Dzerzhynskyi district of Kharkiv. The builders, who were renovating the façades and the entrance groups of dwelling houses in this district, were wearing the agitation t-shirts with a print “Valeriy Pysarenko”.

According to the official data on the website of City Council, the renovations of the entrance groups in Dzerzhynskyi district are made by the internet service providers with the support of Valeriy Pysarenko (who is a potential candidate in the single member constituency # 168) and in accordance with desires of the utility services and the dwellers.

Additional information:

Specialized public utilities enterprise “Engineer Networks” was created in 2011. Its main aim is to make maintenance and service of the dwelling houses in Kharkiv more effective with help of cooperation with all cable operators and providers. Obligations of the “Engineer Networks” include communication with citizens, complaints processing, checking of their applications, forwarding the requests or demands to fix the networks to the providers.

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