On 3 August meeting, the Central Election Commission announced results of early parliamentary elections in the nationwide multi-mandate district. Official results coincided with the results of parallel vote tabulation realized by Civil Network OPORA.

Thus, the following parties have received mandates in the Verkhovna Rada:

Servant of the People - 43.16% (124 mandates)
Opposition Platform - For Life - 13.05% (37 mandates)
Batkivshchyna - 8.18% (24 mandates)
European Solidarity - 8.10% (23 mandates)
Holos - 5.82% (17 mandates).


A Parallel Vote Tabulation (PVT) is a proven methodology often employed by nonpartisan citizen observers to systematically assess the election day process including the counting of results at polling stations. PVT can independently verify the official results announced by the Central Election Commission (CEC). A PVT relies on reports from highly trained observers who evaluate the quality of the process at the polling station. Unlike exit polls, PVTs do not ask people how they voted. Rather, the PVT counts the actual votes cast at polling stations where the entire process has been monitored. This methodology has been successfully used by citizen organizations to evaluate the election day processes in many countries around the world, including Bulgaria, Romania, and Georgia.

Follow the linkto learn how OPORA conducts parallel vote tabulation.