Informational campaign "Free and Fair Elections", jointly realized by the StarLightMedia and Civil Network OPORA, has finished. The campaign was realized before the presidential election to prevent fraud and protect the right of Ukrainians for elections free from pressure, threats, bribery and deceit.


Thus, organizers of the initiative have conducted active informational activities to raise awareness of citizens, give unbiased and fair assessment of the election process, and prevent violations of active and passive electoral rights. Thus,  TV channels of the holding broadcasted social videos from 22 February to 21 April, explaining the citizens how to avoid voter bribery and how to respond to such violations, as well as how IPDs can change their voting location.

TV channels of the StarLightMedia media group - ICTV, STB and New - broadcasted a video called "I Choose the Vote" (explaining how IPDs can change their voting location) and a social video explaining how to respond to and there to report voter bribery.

Besides that, ICTV and STB channels often broadcasted news reports about "Free and Fair Elections" in "Fakty" and "Vikna Novyny" programs. 12.6 million Ukrainians saw these news reports.

"The joint campaign of StarLightMedia and OPORA was definitely successful, because it was aimed at quality, but not quantity. I believe that we have provided a lot of high-quality information about temporary change of voting location. Thus, many citizens contacted us via phone, e-mail, and web form. They asked about private issues like the protection of voting rights, and reported information about violations, which didn't receive a proper response of police, "- Electoral Programs Coordinator at Civic Network OPORA Olha Aivazovska shared achievements of the campaign.