On October, 8, the Ministry of Digital Transformation, jointly with OPORA, presented a new educational series “TEC” on the Дія.Цифрова освіта platform (lit. – Action.Digital Education). You can learn from the video about duties and responsibilities of members of territorial election commissions. 

The educational series are available at the link https://osvita.diia.gov.ua/courses/tvk  

It includes 12 episodes, 3-5 minutes long.

The series involved: Yanina Andreeva — a TV presenter, an actress, a lead character in the “School” series, Olga Aivazovska, chair of the board at Civil Network OPORA, Oleksandr Kliuzhev, a senior analyst at Civil Network OPORA, Olha Kotsiuruba, a senior legal advisor at Civil Network OPORA.

 Olga Aivazovska, a chair of the board at Civil Network OPORA, stated that the educational series offer a clear message about the TEC scope of activities, their tools, and responsibilities. “Each commission member shall bear responsibility as soon as they take the oath. In case the oath is broken, the member may be stripped of their powers. Then, depending on the type of violation they committed, it may entail either administrative or criminal liability,” highlights Olga Aivazovska.

During the presentation of the educational series, a deputy Minister of Digital Transformation on Eurointegration, Valeriya Ionan invited everyone who care about the country’s future to join the electoral process and warrant its fairness. “The TECs are the entities to provide for the conduct of local elections. In order to better understand the TEC powers, the peculiarities of their operations, the rights and obligations of commissions, the MinDigital, along with the partners, produced the educational series readily available on the platform  osvita.diia.gov.ua,” — Valeriya Ionan.

A TV presenter, an actrees, and a lead character in the “School” TV series  Yanina Andreeva emphasized that during the film shooting she met a team of professionals. “They were the expert speakers who explained everything at length. At some point, I managed to understand everything,” — says Yanina Andreeva.

The TEC educational series is a course of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and of the Civil Network OPORA, supported by USAID, as part of the project “Local Observation Over Political Processes in Ukraine.”