The Civil Network OPORA is a non-governmental, non-political and financially independent nationwide network of public activists. We have teamed up to enhance public participation in the political process by developing and implementing models of citizens’ influence on the activities of state and local government in Ukraine.

We work to develop civil society in Ukraine as the foundation of a sovereign, independent, democratic, social and legal state.

OPORA is experienced in the conduct of qualitative long-term observation, which includes the analysis of all stages of the election campaign from the start to the publication of the official results.  The organization can attract as many observers as it’s necessary in accordance with the territorial organization of elections. 

Besides that, for the first time in Ukraine, OPORA secured qualitative analysis of the voting day with the help of statistically based observation conducted on specially selected polling stations. During the last two campaigns OPORA attracted, prepared and trained more than 3000 observers. The difference between the results of statistically-based observation and the official results provided by the CEC in the first round of the Presidential election was 1,15%, in the second round - 0,6%.  It worth mentioning, that the results are published on the day after the election, long before the publication of official results. OPORA has developed special software for instant receipt and processing of SMS with codified data for statistically-based observation.

The Civil Network OPORA has advanced experience in preparation and conduction of professional trainings for members of election commissions. More than 40 000 members of commissions at all levels were prepared on trainings conducted by OPORA.

Organization is actively participating in the discussion of amendments to the election legislation. In particular, in 2011 OPORA coordinated the advocacy campaign conducted by the Civic Consortium for Election Initiatives with the assistance of the National Democratic Institute, which was focused on consideration of public positions concerning the Law "On Elections of People's Deputies of Ukraine".  In result, more than 60% or principle recommendations were implemented in the new edition of the law. OPORA is also a member of Working Group under the President of Ukraine on improving the election legislation and member of Constitutional Assembly as part of the Consortium.

Election observation of the Civil Network OPORA - is a type of network activity, aimed at impartial assessment of the preparation and conduct of the electoral process, as well as preventing violations by the total public monitoring. Professional monitoring of all stages of the electoral process provides indirect influence on the quality of the campaign. The public opinion inside and outside the country is formed through gathering and spreading of information among the target audience. In strategic perspective public monitoring of elections focuses on improvement of the system and certain procedures. In 2012, during Parliamentary elections in Ukraine OPORA implements a large-scale campaign of long- and short term observation, organizes a statistical vote-count by the results of voting with the proportional component of the electoral system on a basis of representative selection, will provide 100% coverage of polling stations by observers in separate single-mandate majoritarian districts. OPORA observers will work in all 225 electoral districts, and 3,500 activists will join them on the voting day. Organization will use the latest means of spreading information about observation results, including infographics and interactive maps www.map.oporaua.org.


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