Civil Network OPORA announces recruitment of civic observers, who will conduct independent observation of adherence to democratic procedures during the voting process at election precincts on 31 March, 2019 election day.

Short-term observers will have the following tasks on the election day:

  • Observing the course of election process, ignorance or violation of election rules and procedures during the voting, vote count, vote tabulation etc;
  • Recording and reporting violations committed during the voting process or other stages of the electoral process;
  • Receiving final precinct protocols with tabulation results.

Requirements for short-term observers:

  • above 18 years old;
  • nonpartisan and politically unbiased;
  • having experience in electoral observation;
  • living in the city of deployment (preferably).

The following individuals cannot be qualified as official observers: an official of the state executive bodies, a court, law enforcement bodies or local self-government bodies; a person engaged in alternative (non-military) service.