Civil Network OPORA has assessed the quality of voting process from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM based on the data from representative sample of polling stations. OPORA's methodology for election monitoring allows to compare quantitative indicators for violations, typical for this and previous election.

There were no incidents of ballot-box stuffing at 99.8% during the reporting period. However, observers detected an incident with features of ballot-box stuffing at polling station #440543 (Stanytsia-Luhanska raion, Luhansk oblast) The National Police of Ukraine is documenting alleged violation at this polling station in Luhansk oblast.

At 2% of polling stations, covered by OPORA's representative sample, observers noticed voters who demonstrate their marked ballots. During the first round of regular presidential election, observers noticed such incidents at 4% of polling stations.

Voting process at 2.5% of polling stations was accompanied by attempts to receive or issue ballot papers illegally. These violations include attempts to vote without a passport of Ukrainian citizen or instead of another person. The corresponding indicator on 31 March 2019 election day reached 7.4%.


Voters illegally took pictures of their ballots at 1.6% of polling stations from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM. To compare, the incidents when voters took pictures of their ballots occurred at 2% of polling stations during the first round on 31 March.

Thus, the number of electoral violations was not high during the reporting period. However, some incidents require a prompt response of law-enforcement agencies.