Civil Network OPORA is not going to observe the elections to village, settlement and city councils, as well as of the corresponding village, settlement and city heads in united territorial communities, scheduled for December 2019.

OPORA will not observe elections in UTCs, because we soon start preparations to observation of the regular 2020 local elections However, we will monitor the election process at the level of the Central Election Commission. CEC meetings will be streamed online on Facebook page of Civil Network OPORA.

Besides that, we call on local residents to be attentive and proactive. Do not to stay away from the election campaign and be brave to inform the police about any election law violations.

We remind that the Central Election Commission has scheduled the first and by-elections in 128 communities for December 22 and 29, 2019.

On October 11 meeting, the CEC scheduled the first and by-elections in 119 communities of 22 oblasts for December 22, 2019. This election process will start on November 2.

On October 18 meeting, the CEC scheduled the first and by-elections in 9 more united territorial communities of 4 oblasts for December 29, 2019. The election process starts on November 9, 2019.