What about the election day and tabulation night? Which problems have electoral subjects faced over the last 24 hours? Representatives of Civil Network OPORA will answer these questions during press-conference “Violations during election day and results of parallel vote tabulation realized by OPORA during parliamentary elections” on 22 July.

Thus, OPORA's representatives will tell about violations of electoral legislation during the election day, vote count and handing documents from precincts to district election commissions. The experts will also present the results of parallel vote tabulation (PVT), which will be available faster that official results and more precise than exit-polls.

Participants of the event:

  • Olha Aivazovska, Head of the Board of the Civil Network OPORA
  • Oleksandr Kliuzhev, Analyst at Civil Network OPORA;
  • Oleksandr Neberykut, Analyst at Civil Network OPORA.

The press conference will be held on 22 July (Monday) at 10:30 in the Ukrinform Information Agency (8/16 B. Khmelnytskyi St.).

During the press conference, a translation into English will be provided.

For more information, please contact:

tel.: 044 591 44 44


Reference: OPORA's observation is aimed at impartial assessment of election administration, facilitation of free and fair election, and prevention of violations. Civil Network OPORA is realizing a wide-scale observation campaign during early parliamentary elections in Ukraine. Thus, 253 observers have been deployed to each part of Ukraine since the official start of election campaign. Over 1,500 short-term observers will join them on 21 July 2019 Election Day. They will also realize a parallel vote tabulation (PVT), aimed to receive election results faster and more accurate than exit-polls. Besides that, we monitor the use of budget resources for indirect campaigning, train law-enforcement bodies on peculiarities of election process, deployed a network of electoral rights ombudsmen, assessed Ukraine's realization of recommendations from international missions concerning the electoral reform, and conduct a voter awareness campaign.