OPORA continues to receive trustworthy information about the preparation of politically motivated provocations against the organization and its representatives, involved in independent observation of regular presidential election. The organization qualifies actions of individuals, who are involved in preparation of the provocation, as an attempt of pressure. Therefore, OPORA makes a public statement about these facts and events, to prevent any dangers for life and health, and any future attempts of putting observers under pressure.

A group of individuals, led by citizen Oleh Deineka, collect information in a number of regions about places where OPORA's representatives reside of visit, as well as about their family ties. This group of individuals introduce themselves as journalists from different TV channels and programs (TV Channel “Priamyi”, program “Money” on 1+1 TV Channel, “Obozrevatel”). These individuals also appealed to territorial subdivisions of the National Police of Ukraine with biased questions about official communication between OPORA's observers and law-enforcement officers on electoral matters.

There was an incident when a meeting of OPORA's activist and this group was organized through invitation on behalf of a third person. The group threated to attract other citizens representing veteran associations to organize compulsory meetings of OPORA's representatives with individuals led by Oleh Deineka.

Some regional representatives of the organization have grounds to believe they are being under illegal surveillance. Simultaneously with activities of Oleh Deineka's group, similar questions about personal and organizational activities of OPORA's regional representatives came from local organizations of a political party.

OPORA's activities are based on transparency and openness principles, which are guaranteed through publication of reports and contacts of organization representatives, open for communication with all subjects of electoral process and mass media. However, the organization will not allow to threaten its representatives and observers, put them under illegal surveillance, or manipulate information.

OPORA, as independent organization from election participants, knows about possible motives for pressure and discrediting, as long as it plays an important role in impartial assessment of the quality of election process. This role is getting stronger as key political players strive to decrease OPORA's activeness and get support from civic associations they created or that are subordinate to them, and do not conduct real election observation.

The organization will use every single legal way to protect its right for free observation of the election process, independent from candidates, political parties or state authorities.

OPORA will inform mass media about any further events.