The voting process in 21 July 2019 early parliamentary elections as of 04:00 pm is quite democratic and in line with fundamental law regulations. According to OPORA's observers, who conduct observation at nationally representative sample of polling stations, there are no critical issues in organization of the voting process or serious potential threats at this stage of the election.

In general, the statistics of violations has the same tendencies as in the first hours of work. However, the number of recorded offenses and abuses has decreased. The main problem is that members of precinct election commissions do not follow the procedure for issuing ballots. Cases of issuing ballots without verification of Ukrainian citizen passport and/or attempts to vote for another person are recorded at 4.4% of polling stations throughout Ukraine. The number of such procedural violations during the same time span was 6.7% in the last parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

Disclosure of the vote secrecy through demonstration of a marked ballot was detected at 1.5% of polling stations. This indicator has not changed compared to the first half of the election day. The cases when voters attempted to take pictures of their marked ballots were also rare (detected at 0.3% of polling stations in Ukraine). OPORA's observers did not report any facts ballot-box stuffing or actions aimed at falsification of election results.