The incidents that were detected during the election day in Mariupol and Krasnoarmiisk on 29 November were procedural and cannot be classified as gross electoral violations.

Observers have noticed minor procedural violations at 24.8% polling stations in Mariupol and 8.3% in Krasnoarmiisk. In contrast to Krasnoarmiisk, the number of procedural violations in Mariupol was slightly higher than it was in context of the nationwide sampling for the second round held on 15 November 2015 (17.1%).

At the same time, there were some voting secrecy violations noticed (in particular, voting outside polling booths) at 2.8% polling stations of Krasnoarmiisk and 1.8% of Mariupol. This percentage reached 9.2% during the second round on 15 November in Ukraine.

The percentage of polling stations where voters took pictures of their ballots is similar: 2.8% in Krasnoarmiisk and 1% in Mariupol. To compare, the incidents when voters took pictures of their ballots occurred at 4.6% of polling stations in Ukraine on 15 November.

There were no attempts to issue ballot papers without passport verification, ballot-box stuffing, or absence of citizens in voter lists during the election day in Krasnoarmiisk and Mariupol.

According to the operative information received from polling stations of Mariupol, there is a probability that ballots may be considered invalid due to the absence of PEC seals on counterfoils in ballot boxes. Information will be updated as soon as there are any changes.

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Civil Network OPORA has been conducting since 5 September citizen observation campaign of local elections in Ukraine scheduled for 25 October, 15 and 29 November 2015. Civic monitoring conducted by OPORA - is a type of network activity, aimed at impartial assessment of the preparation and conduct of elections, as well as preventing electoral violations through comprehensive civic action. OPORA will also conduct a parallel vote tabulation at all polling stations in Krasnoarmiisk, as well as qualitative observation at most of polling stations in Mariupol. Follow the latest news on OPORA's website and Map of Violations “2015 Local Elections”. We recommend that every observer, journalist and active citizen downloads application “Local Elections” for Android.