Election day passed without massive and systematic violations that would significantly affect the results of the voting of the citizens of Ukraine. However, frequent cases of illegal actions and abuse by various participants in the election process in some districts do not allow considering the voting process in general as fair and democratic. The biggest concerns of the observers of the civil network OPORA were caused by numerous incidents of ballot secrecy violations and disclosure, illegal provision of ballots to voters and cases of centralized transportation of voters to polling stations, which were combined with bribery. Within the framework of the opaque work of election commissions, artificial delays of the counting and tabulation are negatively affecting the level of public confidence in the election process.

The beginning of the voting was marked by the fact that 8% of the polling stations opened before 8:00 a.m., the time defined by the law, while 7% of polling stations began voting with delay – after 8:00 a.m.

Approximately 22% of precinct election commissions (PECs) violated the law by starting their session before 7:15 am. By beginning early, the commissions did not allow all the interested electoral subjects to verify the correctness and legality of the preparatory procedures. Only 1% of the PECs began their morning session after 8 a.m., thus preventing the timely opening the premises for voting and disturbing the procedures conducted prior to the beginning of the voting process.