The Parliament of IX convocation has had 100 days in power on December 6. Thus, MPs have registered 885 bills over this period of time, 94 of which were adopted. They have pressed the voting button almost 500,000 times. There are faction leaders among "rebels", and the faction in power excluded three MPs from the party. 

How many bills are registered 

The Parliament has registered 885 bills over the first 100 days (784 were submitted by MPs, 66 - by the Government, and 35 - by the President). In the previous convocation, the Parliament had 1,209 bills registered over the same period.

However, fewer bills is better, because the Verkhovna Rada didn't manage to consider a big part of the bills registered in the previous convocation. 

This trend was even named as "Legislative spam".

How they vote

The button was clicked 496,198 times over the first 100 days. In 50.9% of cases, MPs voted in "for". In 3% - "against", 15.7% - "refrained". MPs did not vote in 20.7% of cases, and in 9.7% of cases they were absent.

Factions Servant of the People and Holos have the biggest percentage of votes "for" (64.7% and 41.2% respectively). The Opposition Platform - For Life has the smallest percentage (17.7%).

MPs from Holos and European Solidarity factions give the biggest number of votes "against" (5.6% and 5.5% respectively).

MPs from the European Solidarity has the biggest percentage in refraining from voting, and the Opposition Platform - For Life in non-voting (49.6%).



Whose initiatives they support

During the first 100 days of the new convocation of the Verkhovna Rada, MPs supported the largest percentage of legislative initiatives of the President (40%). Legislative initiatives of the Cabinet of Ministers took the second place by this indicator (22.7%), followed by MPs (8.3%).

If we compare these indicators in percentage to the results of the previous convocation of Parliament for the first 100 days, we'll see that MPs give less support to presidential and governmental draft laws and better support their own. However, if we take quantitative indicators, this convocation supported more legislative initiatives of the President (14 in this, 8 in the past) and initiatives of their colleagues (65 in this, 33 in the past). As for initiatives of the Government, they are less supported by this convocation (15 in this, 35 in the past).

Faction rebels

Petro Poroshenko follows the party line the least often among MPs from the European Solidarity. His votes contrary to the party line reach 65.5%.

In Servant of the People, the biggest percentage of votes contrary to the party line has Oleksandr Dubinskyi. Thus, his choice differ from the party line  in 59% of votes.

In the Opposition Platform - For Life, Yurii Zahorondii is the one who votes contrary to the party line the most often. His "rebellion" percentage reaches almost 56.8%. 

In the For the Future group of MPs, Viktor Baloha votes on his own the most often.  Thus, he voted contrary to the party line in 50.9% of cases. 

In the Holos faction, Sviatoslav Vakarchuk votes contrary to the line of party the most often. The MP has 45% of such votes. 

In the Batkivshchyna faction, Kostiantyn Bondariev votes contrary to the line of party the most often, and has 35.1% of such votes. 


Truants in the session hall

Truant MPs, who missed the biggest number of votings, are from the AUU Batkivshchyna and Opposition Platform - For Life factions. Thus, Vitalii Danilov (Batkivshchyna) was absent at 71.3% of parliamentary sessions, Serhii Taruta (Batkivshchyna) - 68.5%, Vadym Rabinovych (Opposition Platform - For Life) - 66.1%. 

The following MPs are also enlisted as "truants": Dmytro Isaienko (Opposition Platform - For Life), Serhii Vlasenko (Batkivshchyna), Oleksandr Puzanov (Opposition Platform - For Life), Serhii Liovochkin (Opposition Platform - For Life), Yuliia Tymoshenko (Batkivshchyna), Vadym Stolar (Opposition Platform - For Life), Mykola Skoryk (Opposition Platform - For Life), Andrii Kozhemiakin (Batkivshchyna), Yurii Solod (Opposition Platform - For Life). 


Who has the best attendance at meetings of committees

MPs from the Servant of the People and the Holos attend meetings of committees the most diligently. The first has 92.9% of attendance, and the second - 89.5%. MPs from the European Solidarity took the third place with 82.2%. The next by attendance percentage are the following: For the Future group of MPs - 77.6%, Batkivshchyna faction - 75.9%, Opposition Platform - For Life and non-faction MPs - 71.6%.

Committee truants

As for the attendance at committee meetings, Petro Poroshenko missed the largest number of them. Thus, he was absent at 14 of 15 meetings of the Committee for Ukraine's Integration with the European Union. The MP was present at 6.7% of the meetings in total.

Oleksii Trebushkin (non-faction) and Yurii Solod (Opposition Platform - For Life) are on third place by the number of missed meetings. The first missed 12 of 14 meetings of the Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence. The second missed 12 of 14 meetings of the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy.

Stepan Ivakhiv (For the Future) is on the fourth place. He missed 10 of 12 meetings of the Committee on Environmental Policy and Management. The MP was present at 16.7% of meetings of his committee.

Vadym Rabinovych from the Opposition Platform - For Life took the fifth place. He missed 4 of 5 meetings of the Committee on Human Rights, Deoccupation and Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories in Donetsk, Luhansk Oblasts and Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the City of Sevastopol, National Minorities and Interethnic Relations. The politician was present at 20% of meetings.

Top 12 MPs who missed the committee meetings also includes Vadym Novynskyi (non-faction), Vitalii Danylov (Batkivshchyna), Taras Kozak (Opposition Platform - For Life), Zhan Beleniuk (Servant of the People), Ihor Kisiliiov (Opposition Platform - For Life), Yuliia Tymoshenko (Batkivshchyna) and Serhii Larin (Opposition Platform - For Life).


MP Iryna Herashchenko from the European Solidarity faction gave the biggest number of speeches in the Parliament. The total duration of her speeches reached 2 hours 22 minutes and 42 seconds. Her colleague Nina Yuzhanina took a little less time to speak - 2 hours 14 minutes 33 seconds. MP from the Servant of the People Dmytro Hetmantsev spoke for a total duration of 2 hours 4 minutes 25 seconds. 

The total duration of speeches in the Parliament for 100 days reached over 73 hours. 


Lost bayonets

On December 3 plenary session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Speaker of the Parliament Dmytro Razumkov announced that three MPs were officially excluded from the faction Servant of the People: Anna Skorokhod, Anton Poliakov and Romana Ivanisova.

The decision to exclude Anna Skorokhod and Anton Polyakov was made yet on November 15 meeting of the faction. The main reason is the violation of party discipline. As for Ivanisov, the decision to expel him was taken at a faction meeting the day before - on December 2, the reason was a scandal related to the fact that the MP was convicted of rape  in the 90s. 

On December 3, the Verkhovna Rada terminated the powers of Oleksii Kucher, who was appointed to the office at Kharkiv Regional State Administration by the President in November. Oleksii Kucher was elected at majoritarian district #179 in Kharkiv oblast.