Very often MP’s boast around in social networks and in meeting with the electorate that they “brought” money to their constituency. We decided to clarify where this money comes from. In our research we came across Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers # 395 on providing subvention in 2016 from the state budget for social and economic development of some territories, which we analyzed. Besides, we found out what MP’s actually do to solicit this money.


We have noticed that majoritarian MPs tend to work inconsistently in their electoral districts. While most of the monitored MPs fulfill their duties in constituencies, the needs of the latter are barely delivered to the Parliament. Thus, 28% didn't conduct any public receptions in their districts, and only 34% of draft laws concern constituency issues. These problems were referred to by representatives of Civil Network OPORA on 6 September conference.


"The eldest" MPs are not always "the most effective". Civil Network OPORA has analyzed political career of the old-timers in Ukrainian Parliament and their "achievements" for many years. 

We monitored activities of 88 majoritarian MPs in March and determined that Roman Matsola from Khmelnytsk oblast (Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction), who was the top active candidate in the previous month, also leads this month's constituency and parliamentary activeness rating. However, MP Mykhailo Bondar from Lviv oblast (Narodnyi Front faction) was the most active in law-making activities.


Civil Network OPORA continues tracking activities of MPs, elected in single-mandate majoritarian districts. In 2017, we monitor 88 MPs, compared to 36 in 2015 and 105 in 2016.


Judging by two-year law-making efficiency and legislative capacity indices, the Verkhovna Rada of 8th convocation looks somewhat better than the 7th convocation Rada, but is inferior to the parliaments of earlier convocations. 


13 законопроектів, що були зареєстровані депутатами-мажоритарниками міста Києва, отримали негативні висновки Комітету з питань запобігання та протидії корупції. Загалом корупційні ризиком мають проекти законів 6 нардепів: Євгена Рибчинського, Віталія Сташука, Олександра Супруненка, Вячеслава Константіновського, Леоніда Ємця та Дмитра Анрієвського.


Народні депутати України не тільки голосують в парламенті, а й відкликають свої голоси, спростовують заявами свою присутність в залі засідань та дані реєстрації. Таких заяв з початку роботи Верховної Ради восьмого скликання було подано більше тисячі, в той час як депутати, які мають відношення до Чернівецької області, подали 40 таких заяв.


Representatives of civil society, expert community, media and members of Ukrainian Parliament have learned about opinions of candidates for members of the Central Election Commission concerning important election administration issues, as well as reforming of the CEC and electoral system as a whole.


The Parliament should immediately consider termination of office of the twelve commissioners with the expired terms and, subsequently, consider the President’s slate of nominees. Once the new CEC composition is approved by Parliament, the Verkhovna Rada should consider the amendments to the Constitution and to the Law on the Central Election Commission that seek to strengthen the independence of the Commission and enforce Commissioners to hold their posts and observe the legally established terms of office.  

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