Police in Volnovakha raion opened a criminal case into alleged wide-scale voting fraud in territorial election district #60. This information was reported today by Volnovakha Police Department.

“Today, Volnovakha Police Department has received information from representative of candidate for the President of Ukraine, alleging he detected inconsistencies between the data published by the Central Election Commission and numbers sent from the territorial election commission. The inconsistencies were present in each of 6 protocols.

We are carrying out the investigation into this case under Article 158 of the CrCU “Sending false information to State Voter Register maintenance bodies or falsification of electoral documents”, – the message says.

We would like to remind that Civil Network OPORA published a comment concerning a suspected rigging at some precincts in Donetsk oblast. In particular, these are polling stations in electoral districts #46 (Bakhmut) and #60 (Volnovakha).