On 2 April 2019, the National Police of Ukraine has published information on its website about investigation of alleged falsification of election results at some polling stations in Manhush raion (Donetsk oblast, electoral district #60).

It is said that the data in tabulation protocols at this election precinct differ significantly from the data, published by an automated analytical system on official website of the Central Election Commission. In the first case, the investigation is based on appeal from PEC members (concerning a probable 9 times increase in the number of voters in support of one candidate). In another case, it is based on an appeal from a citizen and mass-media messages.

At the same time, Volnovakha Department of the National Police has received statements from 6 polling stations on 3 April, reporting alleged falsifications of electoral documents (qualified under Article 158 of the CrCU “Sending false information to State Voter Register maintenance bodies or falsification of electoral documents”). These statements also concern election district #60. Investigators are currently deciding on the beginning of pre-court investigation.

Thus, pre-court investigations have been already opened in regard to 2 polling stations of electoral district #60 in Donetsk oblast. As for other 6 polling stations, the materials are still under consideration.

Besides that, the National Police in Donetsk oblast informed the public about the beginning of pre-court investigation into falsification of electoral documents in the city of Bakhmut (Donetsk oblast, TED #46).

Taking into consideration information messages from the National Police of Ukraine, we would like to inform that OPORA has noticed a minor inconsistency between the data in precinct tabulation protocol from TED #60 and data on the official website of the CEC, received from DEC protocol. OPORA's observer was present at this polling station.

Thus, OPORA is verifying now the facts from our and other observers in order to take the corresponding legal measures. The organization will inform mass media and the public about any ascertained facts as soon as the verification is done.

OPORA would like to mention that our observers have been receiving during the last two days a lot of information from citizens and electoral subject about alleged violations of electoral legislation in vote count and determination of election results on regular election of the President of Ukraine.

OPORA's observers call on candidates for the President of Ukraine, members of district election commissions, and official observers to promptly report any possible falsifications of electoral documents to the National Police of Ukraine and the CEC if they have such information.