Right before 31 March presidential election, StarLightMedia media group and Civil Network OPORA have united to protect the right of Ukrainians to case a vote free from pressure, threats, bribery and fraud. This wide informational campaign is also aimed to prevent falsifications in tabulation process.

Free and fair election is a feature of a civilized society and ability of a state to protect rights of its citizens. It lies in fundamentals of a stable development of society, which resolves its problems and conflicts in a peaceful manner. StarLightMedia media group and Civil Network OPORA decided to unite their efforts to help each Ukrainian access information about electoral rights and the ways they can be realized and protected. Regardless of whether a citizen is going to vote overseas, or lives at the registration address, he or she should get complete information about how to exercise the constitutional right to vote.

Thus, organizers of the initiative are planning to conduct active informational activities to raise awareness of citizens, give unbiased and fair assessment of the election process, and prevent violations of active and passive electoral rights.

Olha Aivazovska, Coordinator at Civil Network OPORA, stated:

– Our goal is to give fair and reliable assessment of the election in the interests of society. However, if we do not inform the citizens on how to exercise their right to vote, regardless of where they live, in the country or abroad, or how to show citizen activeness, if you witnessed a violation, our assessment would be a mere statement of sad facts. Thus, our goal is not only to observe the current situation, but also to facilitate free voting and fair tabulation.

StarLightMedia, a powerful media group and a leader in Ukrainian television, will use its informational capacity to raise awareness of Ukrainians before the elections.

– Each electoral stakeholder, from a citizen to a governmental body or a media company, has a strong influence. Anyone having knowledge, communication channels or independent expertise, should invest any effort and time in free and fair elections. Everything depends on us today, –

emphasized the President of StarLightMedia Oleksandr Bohutskyi.

If you witnessed an electoral violation, call the National Police at 102, or using regional contacts of independent observation organization OPORA at oporaua.org. If you need a professional legal aid, call free legal aid hot line: 0 800 213 103.