Civil Network OPORA is not planning to conduct long-term and short-term observation of the first local elections, scheduled for 23 December, as well we of by-elections in united territorial communities, on sites. Nevertheless, local elections are important and will demonstrate the quality of election administration by the CEC.

Taking into consideration that the organization has launched a preliminary observation of presidential election on 1 October, and is planning to thoroughly monitor early campaigning, informational activities of potential candidates, misuse of administrative resource and subventions for social and economic development of territories, OPORA will observe local elections only at the level of Central Election Commission. OPORA will track each CEC meeting, analyze decisions and their grounds, give legal interpretation of the corresponding resonant resolutions.

Equal application of the legislation on all Ukrainian territory, and activities of the CEC in line with the corresponding regulations are two factors, which influence the organization of fair and democratic elections in UTCs.

We would like to remind that the election process has started on 147 united territorial communities on 3 November. The first elections will be held in 123 communities, and by-elections – in 24. The elections are scheduled for 23 December.

On 12 October, the Central Election Commission appointed elections in 151 UTCs – the first elections in 125 communities and by-elections in 26 communities. On 25 October meeting, the CEC divided state subventions for organization of these elections. However, it has amended its resolution on 1 November, and canceled the first elections in two UTCs in Zhytomyr and Donetsk oblasts, and by-elections in two UTCs in Vinnytsia and Donetsk oblasts. The resolution was supported by 11 members of the CEC, 4 had restrained and one had voted against.