On June 26 meeting, the Central Election Commission held a draw to determine sequence of political parties in the ballot. Thus, 21 registered parties have participated in the draw. The information was provided by representatives of Civil Network OPORA, who attended the meeting.

Based on results of the draw, parties will be placed in the following sequence in the ballot on July 21:

  1. Opposition Bloc
  2. Syla i Chest
  3. AUU Batkivshchyna
  4. Patriot
  5. Syla Liudei
  6. Opposition Platform - For Life
  7. Party of Greens of Ukraine
  8. AUU Fakel
  9. Samopomich Union
  10. European Solidarity
  11. Ukrainian Strategy of Hroisman
  12. Civic Position
  13. Social Justice
  14. Servant of the People
  15. Power of Law
  16. Radical Party
  17. Party of Sharii
  18. Holos
  19. Independence
  20. Agrarian Party
  21. AUU “Svoboda”

It should be mentioned that if there is a repeated consideration of two other parties based on court decisions, and the Central Election Commission will decide to re-register them, a repeated draw will be held. Thus, Deputy Chairman of the CEC Yevhenii Radchenko advised parties on a morning briefing not to promote their numbers.

The draw was held in two stages: 1) technical - the sequence of parties participating in the draw; 2) the sequence of parties in ballot paper. Participation of parties in the first stage of drawing (technical) was based on numbers of resolutions on their registration. Representatives of some parties did not attend the meeting. Thus, representative of the CEC Secretariat drew their lots.

You can watch the full process of drawing lots in our online broadcast video:

We would like to remind that Head of the CEC Tetiana Slipachuk mentioned on the morning briefing that 32 claims are now in courts, including 2 concerning refusals of registration of the Communist Party of Ukraine and Mikheil Saakashvili's Movement of New Forces. "We believe that court's decision obliging to reconsider the registration of the Movement of New Forces is against the law on parties and on MPs. Thus, we decided to file a cassation complaint,"- Ms. Slipachuk stated. She has also reminded that a court can not oblige to register a candidate or a party. The court decision can only oblige the CEC to re-consider the registration.

Representatives of the Movement of New Forces also attended the drawing of lots at CEC's meeting. At the end of the meeting they were discussed non-inclusion of their party in the draw with the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Yevhen Radchenko.

Approximately at 7:00 pm the CEC will hold a meeting to approve the form of ballots. On-line broadcasting of the meeting will be available at our Facebook page.