A big number of electoral subjects and briefness of the election campaign make it quite complicated, bringing challenges before the election administration and law enforcement. These issues were discussed today on 13 June by representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, National Police, DSNC, State Border Service, Migration Service, National Guard, Central Election Commission and invited representative of the Civil Network OPORA during the conference call.

According to Analyst from Civil Network OPORA Oleksandr Kliuzhev,this early parliamentary campaign will be much more complicated than the presidential one due to a large number of electoral subjects. "According to observation results of presidential elections, OPORA would like to mention an active role of the National Police of Ukraine in responding to violations of electoral legislation. However, there is more to be done jointly by law enforcement agencies and observers in parliamentary elections. As demonstrated by the previous parliamentary elections, especially in single-mandate districts, the electoral process is accompanied by a large number of problems. For example, voter bribery, violation of campaigning rules, and misuse of administrative resources. The state should be prepared to detect and prevent cases of non-compliance with electoral legislation. I hope that Ukraine will pass thorough 2019 electoral year with dignity. In addition, it is important to promptly inform the public about successful investigations into electoral crimes. This way, voters will really believe in the certainty of punishment for violations,"- he said.

Kliuzhev emphasized that the role of prevention and response to violation is enormous during elections in single-member districts. "It's enough to falsify or buy a small number of votes for unfair candidates to win. Therefore, it is important to avoid repeating this negative experience of previous parliamentary campaigns,"- the analyst noted.

Interior Minister Arsen Avakov emphasized that democracy is, first and foremost, a perfect procedure. Therefore, he called on all candidates to conduct their campaigns in strict compliance with the law, refrain from questionable and illegal schemes, and cooperate with representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "The Constitutional Court is considering the legal position of these elections, and we can not predict its decision, this is not our competence. But we must be ready to any option. This is already our competence, and we are preparing to ensure elections in any possible variation,"- Arsen Avakov said.

He also emphasized that the working group of MIA has resumed its work to coordinate the actions of police, State Emergency Service of Ukraine, State Border Guard Service, Migration Service and the National Guard. Besides that, the group continues close cooperation with the CEC and Civil network OPORA.

According to member of the Central Election Commission Iryna Yefremova, it is possible to cope with all the challenges during these elections only in close cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs: "On behalf of the Head of the Central Election Commission, Mrs. Slipachuk, I thank the entire Ministry of Internal Affairs for the co-ordinated work during presidential campaign. These elections are complicated not only by a large number of electoral subjects, but also by the fact that the period of election campaign is quite short. However, despite all the challenges that await us, we will overcome them with dignity, and this is possible only in close cooperation."


Head of the National Police Serhii Kniazevemphasized that police had already realized a number of measures at the preparatory stage of the election campaign. "In particular, situational centers have been working in regions since May 24. They became a foundation for the collection of information about events related to the election process, and make a daily analysis of the situation. Over the past 20 days, there have been registered 75 statements and reports on crimes and election-related events. Most of them are related to voter bribery (30 facts), and illegal campaigning (25). Two criminal proceedings have already been initiated based on these statements. They concern voter bribery in Luhansk oblast. There are also 2 administrative protocols related to violation of campaigning rules," - he said

According to him, from July 15 to July 28, the National Police personnel will shift to a strengthened type of service: "We plan to involve 70,000 police officers, as well as cadets and university staff at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, to guarantee the law and order."

Police will also be trained again by representatives of Civil Network OPORA. Besides that, three-day training sessions will be held in all oblasts.

It should be mentioned that yesterday started a training for OPORA's trainersand continues today. The participants analyze the application of legislation in parliamentary elections in order to transfer this knowledge to police officers. In June-July, trainers will train around 1,700 patrol police officers and investigators in all regions of Ukraine.