From now on, voters can change their voting location in pre-term parliamentary elections without documents that prove the need for such a change.

The Central Election Commission took such decision on its 29 May 2019 meeting. 

Thus, the CEC amended its resolution #893 of September 13, 2012 On the Temporary Change of Voting Location Without Changing of and Election Address. These changes deleted the following paragraph: 

"Together with the application, a voter should submit supporting documents or their copies, proving a need to temporarily change a voting location without changing of an election address. If a voter submits copies of documents, their originals shall be submitted to the Registry maintenance body to verify the authenticity of these copies."

Thus, if a voter wants to change a voting location without changing of an election address, he or she should submit an application to a State Voter Register maintenance body at his registration address or at the address of desired voting location, indicating the number of polling station where he wants to vote and the reason why he wants to change the voting location, with passport copy attached to it, before 15 July inclusive. 

The SVR maintenance body will issue a certificate of temporary change of voting location, indicating the date of election (July 21, 2019), and the number of polling station to vote.

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