StarLightMedia and Civil Network OPORA continue information campaign for fair and free elections. Ukrainians will defend the right to express their will free from fraud and falsification on 25 October elections to local councils.

A civilized and democratic society cannot happen without transparent elections. However, Ukraine still has problems with voter bribery, a large number of violations at polling stations and low motivation of citizens to vote.

These obstacles can be avoided via an informational campaign, and informational services of the StarLightMedia are ready to join it. This media resource and OPORA will jointly provide an unbiased and fair assessment of an election process, for the interests of society.

"This year's local elections will be held under new electoral legislation, new electoral system, an unusual form of ballots, and new approaches to penalties for violations. Thus, citizens should receive a high-quality information about these innovations in a very short time. It is easier to prevent violations and manipulations than to bring the violators to justice later. Our common goal is to educate voters, truthfully inform the audience about the campaign, and respond to public interest." - Coordinator at Civil Network OPORA Olha Aivazovska said.

Gender quotas and gender equality in elections, information about namesake candidates and independent observation of the election process will also be important topics for media coverage.

"The upcoming election is not going to be easy. We will vote for both a party and a candidate from the list of this party, for the first time. For the first time - after the reform of the territorial structure. Therefore, we would like this to be the first election when people understand that they are really choosing their local government. Therefore, we continue this active educational campaign and invite all responsible media and civic organizations to join our partnership with OPORA." - President of the StarLightMedia Oleksandr Bohutskyi emphasized.

If you have witnessed an electoral violation, call the National Police at 102, or using regional contacts of independent observation organization OPORA at