On August 13, Civil Network OPORA and the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine have signed a Memorandum of Cooperation to produce an awareness-rising mini-series about local elections for the platform Diia: Digital Education.

During the Memorandum signing, the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation on European Integration Valeriia Ionannoticed: "We hope for fruitful cooperation in various areas, and particularly in developing digital literacy and creating joint educational projects. Therefore, I am grateful for your support and invite you to sign.", - Valeriia Ionan emphasized.

Head of the Board of the Civil Network OPORA Olha Aivazovska emphasized: "We are grateful for your openness. Civil Network OPORA is focused on increasing voter awareness, especially during the election process. We understand that investing in the knowledge of territorial and precinct election commission members, as well as voters, helps to ensure that elections are free and fair.”

"We, the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation, are very happy that today we have one more reliable partner - Civil Network OPORA. The Ministry of Digital Transformation has a large national project called Diia. Diia is an ecosystem of different projects and different goals. Digital education is one of components of this project. The Ministry of Digital Transformation aims to teach 6 million Ukrainians digital literacy in three years. To do this, we have created a project called Diia. Digital education, which has two components. The first is a digital educational platform, which hosts educational series for different segments of the target audience, on different topics and for different purposes. The secondly, is the construction of partner hubs and access points, which include libraries, ASCs, schools, universities, where people who do not have access to the Internet and digital gadgets can come and take the opportunity to learn. Therefore, we actively support any educational initiatives that have a digital component. In this case, we are planning several projects with our new partner, and will tell about them soon.", - said the Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation on European Integration Valeriia Ionan.  

"OPORA cooperates with all stakeholders who are interested to ensure that voters, citizens, election commission members, all potential participants of the election process know basic rules, campaigning standards, their rights, responsibilities and restrictions, which concern the present prohibitions. Diia.Digital education platform will be one of the important communication channels, which help to disseminate important information about the legislation, election procedures, rules and restrictions among the target audience. This is because government channels are also trusted, as well as NGOs and the media. The more channels of communication with the direct audience we have, the more chances we get to deliver qualified, high-quality, professional information in various forms - both simplified, more software, and more analytical or legal", - Head of the Board of Civil Network OPORA Olga Aivazovska told.

Photo: Civil Network OPORA


Memorandum on Cooperation is signed to create an educational mini-series for commission members on the Diia.Digital education  platform. Mini-series will comprise of 12 episodes 10 minutes each, coming in the second half of September. We are currently searching for a contractor for video production.