Political parties have gained a monopoly on nomination of candidates in settlements with 10 thousand or more voters. Thus, they will have to ensure their lists are in line with gender quota requirements, or the lists will not be registered to participate in the election process. Amendments to the Election Code have come into force today. Thus, the representation of women in party lists will increase this fall.

According to Head of the Board of the Civil Network OPORA Olga Aivazovska, each list must contain at least 40% persons of the same sex. Accordingly, every five candidates must have two to three men and women. The parties have already started to search women who would run for them as candidates.

She recorded a video answering the most common questions about candidacy, urging active women to apply to political parties on their own and become candidates on party lists.

"Firstly, parties are motivated to reach the quota and get party lists registered by territorial election commissions. Secondly, candidates do not pay deposit on their own. Political parties pay UAH 18,892 per each 90,000 voters. Campaigning is, in fact, also financed from election funds of parties. And, thirdly, if the party is not toxic for you, if its ideology and program tasks correspond to your motives or certain preconditions to join local self-government, I speak to women first of all, find and apply for such political party already today. Otherwise, gender quotas will become a quota principle with quota women. It would be the best if active, responsible, and visionary women did use the opportunity this autumn to make local self government as representative as possible, i.e. representing both genders. Don't wait for your chance, it's already here - the window of opportunity is open." - Ms. Aivazovska said.

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