owner of a smartphone, tablet, smartbook, or netbook on Android OS may have a user-friendly instrument that each qualified observer and active voter should have for the upcoming local elections. Download 'Local Elections' app for Android on website or Android Play Store.

Application 'Local Elections', developed by the Civil Network OPORA, provides observers, journalists, and active voters with a 'survival kit' for local elections scheduled for 25 October 2015. This application will allow you to always have:

-         Law on Local Elections;
-         Election Observer Manual;
-         Classification of electoral violations and description of penalties;
-         Forms of acts, complaints, and statements concerning electoral violations with completion instructions

Application 'Local Elections' will be useful for official observers, journalists, candidates, party and election commission members, as well as for any conscious voter who wants to learn basics of the election process, rights and obligations of every electoral subject, know how to promptly record violations, write complaints and appeals, and timely appeal to the corresponding bodies.

Download application 'Local Elections' for Android:on website or Android Play Store.


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OPORA urges every official observer, journalist, and conscious voter to always take an instrument for protection of fair and democratic elections with you.

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Civil Network OPORA conducts citizen observation of local elections in Ukraine, scheduled for 25 October 2015. Civic monitoring conducted by OPORA - is a type of network activity, aimed at impartial assessment of the preparation and conduct of elections, as well as preventing electoral violations through comprehensive civic action. 144 long-term observers were deployed to all Ukrainian regions on 5 September, and 3000 short-term observers will join them on the election day.
OPORA will systematically inform the public about the course of election campaign, and whether electoral subjects adhere to the electoral legislation, officials participate in the race, and all the interested parties follow international standards. Wide-scale citizen observation is aimed to prevent violations committed during the election campaign and abuses during the vote count.