The Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice has recommended the Parliament to withdraw 13 members of the Central Election Commission, whose term of office had expired, and to vote for or against 14 candidates for members of the CEC, submitted by the President of Ukraine. The corresponding decisions were taken on 18 April meeting of the Committee.

24 Committee members voted for the recommendation to the Parliament concerning withdrawal of CEC members. MP Tetiana Yuzkova (who is also the candidate for CEC members) didn't participate in the voting to avoid the conflict of interests.

President's representative in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko presented a submission comprising the list of 14 candidates for CEC members for consideration of MPs.

“When consulting with factions, the President was focused on a completed renewal of the CEC as a basis for any decision. Thus, all the candidates have never worked in the CEC. However, any of them has the required experience, and knowledge in Ukrainian and international election law. Besides that, he took into consideration the gender equality and suggestions from NGOs.

Afterwards, the MPs interviewed each candidate for member of the CEC. They didn't have any remarks concerning the majority of candidates.

Candidate Alla Basalaieva was supported by 21 MPs; two had abstained. 22 MPs voted for Natalia Bernatska, Mykhailo Verbenskyi, Andrii Yevstihnieiev, Iryna Yefremova, Olha Zheltova, Oleh Konopolskyi, Svitlana Kustova, Olha Lotiuk, Vitalii Plukar, Yevhen Radchenko, Tetiana Slipachuk, Leontii Shypilov, and Tetiana Yuzkova.

The Committee has recommended the Parliament to take the decision on CEC candidates through the voting process.

Iryna Lutsenko told the journalists that this question will be resolved on Thursday, 19 April.

Parliamentary and Electoral Programs Coordinator of Civil Network OPORA Olha Aivazovska has mentioned that it's not certain whether the Central Election Commission will be renewed in complete membership.

“Unfortunately, we fear that the CEC will be appointed with a minimum membership, required for the decision-making, and small factions and groups will not be represented. Therefore, it's important that groups of MPs and factions show in the plenary hall the unity they demonstrated in the committee,” – she said.

We remind that Civil Network OPORA has analysed how the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine should take a decision concerning CEC renewal.