The Central Election Commission has elected its senior executives at the first meeting held on October 4.

Thus, Oleh Didenko was elected as the Head of the CEC by 16 votes of 16 attending members. 

Serhii Dubovyk has became the Deputy Head of the CEC. His candidacy was supported by 15 of 16 attending members. One member did not support any candidate. Vitaly Plukary was also elected as the Deputy Head of the CEC, supported by all 16 attending CEC.

Olena Hataullina was elected as Secretary by 15 attending members of the Commission. 

The meeting was started by the eldest CEC member Yurii Fritskyi, who passed the lead to the newly elected Head Oleh Didenko. 16 of 17 members have attended the meeting. The vote was secret. 

We would like to remind that Ukrainian Parliament had appointed a new membership of the Central Election Commission on October 4, comprising 17 persons. 12 of them are nominees from the Servant of the People faction, 2 - nominees from the Opposition Platform - For Life, and one nominee from each Batkivshchyna, European Solidarity and Holos. The Parliament voted on each candidate separately. It should be noted that Yurii Buglak (European Solidarity) did not take the oath of a CEC member because he was away on a business trip.

Detailed biographical information about each member of the Central Election Commission is available in our longread.