Civil Network OPORA has analyzed the first month of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of IX convocation. Based on the results of analysis, we selected 12 facts that will help to understand peculiarities of the first September in new Parliament.

Fact 1. In September, MPs worked 8 plenary days in the session hall.

Fact 2. 523 draft laws were registered in the Verkhovna Rada in September. 466 of them were initiated by MPs (89.1%), 34 by the Cabinet of Ministers (6.5%), and 23 by the President (4.4%). 

Fact 3. In 13.5% of cases, MPs considered draft laws under a shortened procedure, which allows to step away from certain stages, which are mandatory when draft laws are considered under a full procedure. For example, a shortened procedure gives the right to report on a particular draft law to its initiator, head or representative of the competent committee and two representatives from each parliamentary faction and group of MPs. The full consideration procedure also includes questions to speakers and more speeches from MPs on whether they support the draft law or not.

Fact 4. 465 legislative initiatives received 226 or more votes.

Fact 5. In September, Draft Law #7203 on Making Amendments to Article 80 of the Constitution of Ukraine (concerning the immunity of the MPs of Ukraine) received the biggest number of votes. Thus, he was supported by 373 MPs.

Fact 6. In September, MPs pushed voting buttons 202 517 times.

Fact 7. MPs from the Servant of People (80.9%) vote "for" the most often, MPs from European Solidarity (8.1%) usually vote "against" or "abstain" ( 20.4%). The Opposition Platform is leading in non-participation in voting (52.4%).   

Fact 8. MPs from the Servant of the People faction have the lowest percentage of absence at votings (4.1%), the Batkivshchyna has the highest percentage (30.3%).

Fact 9. MPs prepared 289 parliamentary inquiries. 

Fact 10. In September, MPs took the floor 1,541 times in the Verkhovna Rada. The duration of their speeches reaches 31 hours.

Fact 11. Head of the Committee on Finance, Tax and Customs Policy Danylo Hetmantsev (Servant of the People) gave the longest speeches in the Verkhovna Rada. Thus, he spoke for 1 hour 6 min 52 seconds in total. Nina Yuzhanina from the European Solidarity (1 hour 2 min 45 seconds). And Iryna Herashchenko (47 min. 38 seconds) are on the second place. Taras Batenko (47 min. 10 seconds) from the For the Future group of MPs and the First Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Ruslan Stefanchuk (47 min. 10 seconds) are the last in top five. The TOP-10 longest speeches also include Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Dmytro Razumkov, MP from the Batkivshchyna Serhii Sobolev, two MPs from the Opposition Platform - For Life, Nestor Shufrych and Mykhailo Papiiev, as well as Roksolana Pidlasa (Servant of the People).

Fact 12. Ukrainian ex-President affiliated in the European Solidarity Faction Petro Poroshenko and the number one in electoral list of the Holos party Svyatoslav Vakarchuk were found among MPs who often vote against the line of their factions.