The first local elections can be conducted in the majority of united territorial communities, but there are some issues with proper documentation and electoral disputes in some communities. The Deputy Head of the Central Election Commission Yevhen Radchenko provided this information to journalists after 10 October meeting.

“We have ascertained that it's possible to conduct elections in the majority of territorial communities, but there are some significant challenges. These problems, related to inadequately executed appeals for the organization of elections. I hope that we can eliminate them in a few days. The biggest problems occur in communities, which appeals for elections are currently considered by courts. As you may understand, it's difficult to appoint election if the case is in court. One more problem is that government bodies have different opinions on election administration on the boundary line,” – Mr. Radchenko said.

He has also mentioned that 13 October is a deadline for the appointment of first local elections, but they may be appointed earlier.

However, Mr. Radchenko added that the elections may be appointed not in all 133 communities, due to the reasons mentioned above.

We remind that the Central Election Commission applied to the VRU Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice on 9 August asking to provide explanations concerning current legislative regulation of organization of national and local referendums in Ukraine, a possibility to legally appoint the first and additional local elections by the Central Election Commission without a local referendum concerning voluntary uniting of territorial communities or joining an existing community, with consideration of Article 6 (2) of the Law of Ukraine on National and Local Referendums, and amendment of the corresponding regulations to remove any legal collisions and inconsistencies.

Some time later, the renewed CEC mentioned that it considers the postponement of first local elections in united territorial communities.

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