The Central Election Commission considers the postponement of first local elections in united territorial communities. CEC Head Tetiana Slipachuk gave such information on 8 October meeting.

We remind that the Central Election Commission applied to the VRU Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice on 9 August asking to provide explanations concerning current legislative regulation of organization of national and local referendums in Ukraine, a possibility to legally appoint the first and additional local elections by the Central Election Commission without a local referendum concerning voluntary uniting of territorial communities or joining an existing community, with consideration of Article 6 (2) of the Law of Ukraine on National and Local Referendums, and amendment of the corresponding regulations to remove any legal collisions and inconsistencies.

According to her, there were no explanations from the Committee on Judicial Policy and Justice, applied for by the previous membership of the CEC.

The Central Election Commission has 132 appeals from oblast state administrations for consideration which concern the appointment of elections to 86 village, 25 settlement, and 21 city councils in 22 oblasts of Ukraine except for Zakarpattia and Kharkiv oblasts.

Besides that, there are 46 appeals from OSAs concerning the appointment of by-elections to councils in 18 oblasts.

“This top-priority issue was raised today not only at the level of the public, but also of foreign partners and representatives of G7 embassies. The current members of the CEC has started consideration of this issue, and appointed CEC members responsible for the regions. We are trying to resolve this issue as soon as possible,”Tetiana Slipachuk said.

Besides that, the CEC has decided Oleksandr Hulak to be an elected MP, as long as Tetiana Yuzkova has refused her MP seat.

In addition, the CEC changed the membership of tender committee, comprising Deputy Head of the CEC Yevhen Radchenko, members of the CEC Mykhailo Verbenskyi and Leontii Shypilov, and representatives of the Secretariat and State Voter Register administration body.

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